Lot SD-003: CAPOEIRA DT 01-03/04

5 years Board secreatery of Edido Farmers cooperative.Coffee trees average 8 years. Above 10 years experience in suppling farm coffee to Edido Coffee Farmers Copperative and 5 years in suppling farm coffee to ECX .Training- Hawada Agriculter Reserch Center- Coffee Farm Management and Processinig.Dilla University, Coffee farm Management & Coffee Harvesting and Processing.

Coffee and cupping details


Natural Yirgachffee

Bags: 66
Weight: 3,960 lbs
Harvest Date: Nov.18 to Jan 8

Farm details

Farm: Arecha - Shengo
Farmer: Tariku Shoba
District: Yirgachffee
Village: Arecha
Farm Size: 3.54 ha
Farm Location: 38.256, 6.178
Farm Elevation: 1,500 - 1,800
Average Rainfall: 1,956
Processing Method: Dry Processing
Drying Method: Natural - Sundried
Mill: Addis Exporter Coffee Processing And Warehouse

Other info

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