Daterra's Auction 2019

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Auction Date and Times

The Internet Coffee Auction will take place on Nov 19 2019 (U.S.) The Auction will open for bidding at: 14:00 GMT. All Lots will be open for bidding at the same time. Please pay attention to your timezone:

• 06:00 AM - Los Angeles
• 09:00 AM - New York
• 11:00 PM - Sao Paulo
• 14:00 PM - London
• 21:00 PM - Jakarta
• 22:00 PM - Shanghai
• 23:00 AM - Tokyo
• 01:00 AM - Sydney (20th November)

Overall Auction Description

Bidding Agreement


Bidding on the internet is much the same as bidding for an item on-site in a live auction room. There are many different styles of auctions and an online auction seeks to replicate each experience, for buyers to participate from anywhere in the world.

For those who have not taken part in an online coffee auction before, here’s how the process works.

Q. How does the auction work?

A. The most important part of any auction is the bidding. In a traditional auction the bidding starts for one lot at a time, with bids increasing until the highest bid, with no further bids above it, wins the lot. Specialty coffee auctions are different – they work as a ‘Helmsman’ style auction also known as ‘ multi-unit’. It works like this:

Open bidding starts and continues on all lots simultaneously until each and every lot has received an initial bid.
As soon as every lot has a first bid on it, the clock starts ticking for the whole auction and all lots are set with a 3 minute countdown.
Each time a new bid is placed on any of the lots the clock resets to 3 minutes for all the lots. o The auction continues until the clock hits zero with no further bids to reset it.
In this way the bidding on the auction as a whole sets the price for all the lots. Because the outcome of each lot is dependent upon the clock and the competitive bidding on the other lots, the clock is reset many times over.

Q. How long does the auction last?

A. The usual time allowed for the initial period (before all lots have received a bid) is an hour, but will be determined by the number of lots and participating buyers. Once the clock starts ticking, it all depends on the level of demand. Do not be mistaken into thinking that this style of auction is over very quickly - expect several hours for specialty coffee auctions.

Q. Do I have to register?

A. Yes, to bid in our auction you have to first register with us. This means we know who you are and that you understand and accept our Terms & Conditions. Once your registration has been accepted you can begin bidding.


Q. How can I keep track of the auction in progress?

A. Real time updates are essential in a coffee auction where the auction clock is counting down quickly between bids, and it is what makes online systems perfect for this type of auction. We recommend that you have a fast stable internet connection for your auction participation.

Lots in this auction

LotVarietyProcessBagsWeightIncrementBidTotal valueTitleHigh bidderTime left
DT 01 - 01/02Honey2106.7lbs$0.10$25.10/lb$2,678.17Bacamarte (LOT 01)L'escargot d'or FINISHED
DT 01 - 02/02Honey2106.7lbs$0.10$25.10/lb$2,678.17Bacamarte (LOT 02)The Underdog FINISHED
DT 02 - 01/02Natural Aerobic Fermentation2106.7lbs$0.10$70.00/lb$7,469.00Baleia (LOT 01)Capricorn Coffee Comércio Internacional Ltda. FINISHED
DT 02 - 02/02Natural Aerobic Fermentation153.35lbs$0.10$78.10/lb$4,166.64Baleia (LOT 02)Scrop COFFEE ROASTERS FINISHED
DT 03 - 01/02Natural Anerobic Fermentation2106.7lbs$0.10$60.10/lb$6,412.67Capitu (LOT 01)TAF COFFEE FINISHED
DT 03 - 02/02Natural Anerobic Fermentation153.35lbs$0.10$60.10/lb$3,206.34Capitu (LOT 02)Scrop COFFEE ROASTERS FINISHED
DT 04 - 01/03Natural Anerobic Fermentation3160.06lbs$0.10$29.60/lb$4,737.78Ceci (LOT 01)REC COFFEE,TAOCA COFFEE, Scrop COFFEE ROASTERS FINISHED
DT 04 - 02/03Natural Anerobic Fermentation3160.06lbs$0.10$30.00/lb$4,801.80Ceci (LOT 03)IRAKLIS ROUPAS LTS FINISHED
DT 04 - 03/03Natural Anerobic Fermentation3160.06lbs$0.10$29.80/lb$4,769.79Ceci (LOT 03)LATORRE&DUTCH CHINA for Fisher Coffee, M2M Coffee Roasters, Hou Zhenzhong FINISHED
DT 05 - 01/02Natural Anerobic Fermentation3160.06lbs$0.10$70.10/lb$11,220.21Diadorim (LOT 01)LATORRE&DUTCH CHINA for Uncle G Coffee, June's Garden Coffee FINISHED
DT 05 - 02/02Natural Anerobic Fermentation3160.06lbs$0.10$67.70/lb$10,836.06Diadorim (LOT 02)Scrop COFFEE ROASTERS FINISHED
DT 05 - 03/03Natural Anerobic Fermentation3160.06lbs$0.10$11.00/lb$1,760.66Diadorim (LOT 03) FINISHED
DT 06 - 01/03Natural Anerobic Fermentation3160.05lbs$0.10$22.00/lb$3,521.10Dora (LOT 01)Coffee Republic s.a FINISHED
DT 06 - 02/03Natural Anerobic Fermentation4213.41lbs$0.10$21.00/lb$4,481.61Dora (LOT 02)Capricorn Coffee Comércio Internacional Ltda. FINISHED
DT 06 - 03/03Natural Anerobic Fermentation4213.41lbs$0.10$20.60/lb$4,396.25Dora (LOT 03)DRWAKEFIELD FINISHED
DT 07 - 01/022106.7lbs$0.10$73.10/lb$7,799.77Emília (LOT 01)BLACKUPCOFFEE FINISHED
DT 07 - 02/02Natural Anerobic Fermentation2106.7lbs$0.10$73.10/lb$7,799.77Emília (LOT 02)Scrop COFFEE ROASTERS FINISHED
DT 08 - 01/02Natural Anerobic Fermentation2106.7lbs$0.10$34.10/lb$3,638.47Gabriela (LOT 01)OGAWA COFFEE FINISHED
DT 08 - 02/02Honey153.35lbs$0.10$39.10/lb$2,085.99Gabriela (LOT 02)L'escargot d'or FINISHED
DT 09 - 01/03Natural Anerobic Fermentation3160.05lbs$0.10$25.60/lb$4,097.28Iracema (LOT 01)Common Grounds Coffee Roasters FINISHED
DT 09 - 02/03Natural Anerobic Fermentation3160.05lbs$0.10$27.00/lb$4,321.35Iracema (LOT 02)Capricorn Coffee Comércio Internacional Ltda. FINISHED
DT 09 - 03/03Natural Anerobic Fermentation3160.05lbs$0.10$26.10/lb$4,177.31Iracema (LOT 03)ROSSO COFFEE ROASTERS + FORWARD COFFEE FINISHED
DT 10 - 01/02Natural Anerobic Fermentation2106.7lbs$0.10$23.50/lb$2,507.45João Grilo (LOT 01)OGAWA COFFEE FINISHED
DT 10 - 02/02Natural Anerobic Fermentation2106.7lbs$0.10$23.50/lb$2,507.45João Grilo (LOT 02)Taste Map Coffee Roasters, UAB VESARTA FINISHED
DT 11 - 01/03Natural Anerobic Fermentation3160.05lbs$0.10$21.20/lb$3,393.06Macabeia (LOT 01)Blooms Roastery & Craft Tea FINISHED
DT 11 - 02/03Natural Anerobic Fermentation3160.05lbs$0.10$21.00/lb$3,361.05Macabeia (LOT 02) FINISHED
DT 11 - 03/03Natural Anerobic Fermentation3160.05lbs$0.10$21.00/lb$3,361.05Macabeia (LOT 03)Apartment Coffee FINISHED
DT 12 - 01/024213.41lbs$0.10$25.00/lb$5,335.25Macunaíma (LOT 01)Toby's Estate FINISHED
DT 12 - 02/02Natural Aerobic Fermentation3160.5lbs$0.10$26.20/lb$4,205.10Macunaíma (LOT 02)Mare Terra Coffee FINISHED
DT 13 - 01/022106.7lbs$0.10$75.30/lb$8,034.51Peri (LOT 01)TAF COFFEE FINISHED
DT 13 - 02/022106.7lbs$0.10$75.00/lb$8,002.50Peri (LOT 02)Capricorn Coffee Comércio Internacional Ltda. FINISHED
DT 14 - 01/022106.7lbs$0.10$21.80/lb$2,326.06Severino (LOT 01)Toby's Estate FINISHED
DT 14 - 02/022106.7lbs$0.10$21.90/lb$2,336.73Severino (LOT 02)Taste Map Coffee Roasters, UAB VESARTA FINISHED
DT 15 - 01/022106.7lbs$0.10$22.30/lb$2,379.41Zezé (LOT 01)Taste Map Coffee Roasters, UAB VESARTA FINISHED
DT 15 - 02/022106.7lbs$0.10$20.40/lb$2,176.68Zezé (LOT 02)Around Trading FINISHED
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