Lot MAR-03: Mario - 03

Inspired by Mario de Andrade.

Studying Brazilian modern art also means indirectly learning Mario de Andrade’s biography. His name shows up in practically every event and biography: he was the big ambassador of modernism in Brazil. Mario was a poet, novelist, musicologist, art historian and critic, and photographer. He connected artits to create a modernist community, and changed the art history of Latin America forever.
Our coffee MARIO is a pulped catigua fermented with spices. It tastes like cola candy and blackcurrant, with the juiciness of a ripe plum.

Lot Description

Reference Number:MAR-03
Opening Bid:$16.00/lb
Weight:53.25 lbs
Process:Pulped Anaerobic Fermentation with spices.
Screen Size:16/18
Producer Cupping Notes:Blackcrrant , ripe plum, cloves, cola candy.

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Country: BRAZIL

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