Lot LAS-02: Lasar - 02

Inspired by painter Lasar Segall.

Our LASAR is a delicious cup that tastes like lychee, vanilla, peach and green apple, with a sparkling texture and sweet finish. Such unique coffee could only be made with a unique varietal: Datopia. This varietal is actually a mix of Ethiopian varietals cultivated in Daterra, hence the name (Daterra + Ethiopia).
This coffee is a homage to Lasar Segall, a Lithuanian painter and sculptor who helped to create the modernist movement of Brazil. Lasar was already a established name in European art when he moved to Brazil and, with local artists, created a community to foster modern art.

Lot Description

Reference Number:LAS-02
Opening Bid:$16.00/lb
Weight:106.5 lbs
Process:Natural Anaerobic Fermentation
Screen Size:16/18
Producer Cupping Notes:Lychee, vanilla, green apple, ripe peach, phosphoric acidity.

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Country: BRAZIL

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