Lot EMI-05: Emiliano - 05

Inspired by painter Emiliano Di Cavalcanti.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, painter Emiliano Di Cavalcanti was a big name in the modernist movement of Brazil. His works were full of color and portrayed the regular, working-class people – specially during their leisure time. Di Cavalcanti was a bohemian an much of his work is centered around parties, dancing and music.
For a painter full of color, a coffee full of color: the Gesha varietal processed anaerobically became a very interesting cup: we get flavors of jack fruit, green apple and fresh pineapple, a phosphoric acidity, and a juicy texture.

Lot Description

Reference Number:EMI-05
Opening Bid:$16.00/lb
Weight:106.5 lbs
Process:Natural anaerobic Fermentation
Screen Size:16/18
Producer Cupping Notes:Jack Fruit, green apple, fresh pineapple, phosphoric acidity, juicy.

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Country: BRAZIL

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