Lot DT 08 - 01/02: Gabriela (LOT 01)

GABRIELA is described as the “brunette made out of clove and cinnamon”. The classic homonym book by Jorge Amado narrates the love story between the Arab immigrant Nacib and the Brazilian Gabriela, who is initially hired as a cook at Nacib’s restaurant. Gabriela is very free-spirited and sensual and her carefree personality shocks their conservative community. Originally published in 1958, the book has been adapted into TV soap operas twice and remains very contemporary as it discusses ever-present topics such as hypocrisy and the mistreatment of women who don’t fit in. Gabriela celebrates these women and so do we with this perfumed coffee: on the aroma, you’ll find peach, apricot, and spices. On the flavors, an unusual lactic flavors reminiscent of butter and dulce de leche like a cheesecake, papaya, strawberry and of course: cloves and cinnamon.

Here in Daterra, we are very protective of Laurina. It’s a tricky plant – we’ve been studying it for 25 years until we finally got it right. What makes it so difficult? Simple: the plant produces very little caffeine, which is a very important defense component for the plant since it acts as a natural insecticide. The short, pine-shaped trees also have low productivity and die easily. On the bright side, the beans are also very low in caffeine and we believe that’s the reason behind Laurina’s remarkable sweetness and cleanliness. For Gabriela, we pulped the ripest Laurina cherries without using any water to retain all mucilage and dried them on Raised Beds.

Varietal: Daterra’s Laurina
Process: Honey
Screen size: 13+
Harvesting: Handpicking
Drying: Raised Beds
Plot: BV40

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Coffee and cupping details


Nose: Peach, apricot, spices
Flavor: red berries cheesecake, butter, papaya, strawberry, dulce de leche, cloves, cinnamon. Lactic acidity.

: 2
Weight: 106.7 lbs
Harvest Date: 2019
  • Laurina
  • B Corp
  • ISO 14001
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • UTZ

Farm details

Farm Name: Daterra
District: Patrocínio, MG - Brazil
Farm Elevation: 1100m - 1200m
Processing Method: Natural Anerobic Fermentation
Drying Method: Raised beds
Mill: Handpicking

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