Lot DT 07 - 02/02: Emília (LOT 02)

From the moment we cupped this coffee, we knew it had to be named EMILIA – she is an energetic and sharp-tongued...rag doll. Emilia is one of the most adored characters of Brazil due to her bold personality on the Yellow Woodpecker Ranch (O Sítio do Pica-pau Amarelo) book series by Monteiro Lobato. The doll is sewn as a gift for the little girl Narizinho, who feeds her with a magic pill that brings her to life. Emilia’s irreverence made her one of the most adored fictional characters in Brazilian culture, with very successful adaptations to theater and TV. This colorful and phosphoric cup matches Emilia’s brightness very well: on the nose, tropical fruits, berries, and honey. On the cup, lots of cherries and grapes, pomegranates, passion fruit and melon, sparkling wine and apple cider.

Coffee genetics can be very surprising – who would guess that crossing two basic-tasting varietals would result in a super tasty new one? It happens sometimes and Acaua is an example – the crossing between a Mundo Novo and a Sarchimor. Besides being a vigorous and productive tree, the varietal usually makes coffees with distinctive milk chocolate and orange taste. It’s a long road to get here, though – this is Acaua’s sixth generation and each generation takes almost three years to make!

The Acaua cherries were fermented inside a hermetically closed tank equipped with an airlock valve, making the CO2 released during the fermentation push all oxygen out. After a couple of hours, the whole tank is completely devoid of oxygen and the anaerobic microorganisms can work their magic on the beans.

Varietal: Daterra’s Acaua
Process: Natural Anaerobic Fermentation
Screen size: 16/18
Harvesting: Handpicking
Drying: Patio
Plot: BV40

Congratulation you have won this lot!

Coffee and cupping details


Nose: Tropical fruits, berries, honey, sugar cane
Flavor: Cherry, apple cider, pomegranate, grapes, floral, passion fruit, melon, sparkling wine, phosphoric acidity.

: 2
Weight: 106.7 lbs
Harvest Date: 2019
  • SH3
  • B Corp
  • ISO 14001
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • UTZ

Farm details

Farm Name: Daterra
District: Patrocínio, MG - Brazil
Farm Elevation: 1100m - 1200m
Processing Method: Natural Anerobic Fermentation
Drying Method: Patio
Mill: Handpicking

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