Lot 12d: SEI-04 Seichu – The Wasps

One of the most important constellations, the Wasps, correspond to the Pleiades. When Seichu becomes visible on the east side, it means the rainy season is approaching. For Guaraní people from the South of the country, the Wasps mark the beginning of summer, and its disappearance implies the proximity of winter.

Coffee and cupping details


Aroma: Orange blossom, apricot, nectarine

Flavors: Ripe stone fruits, orange, raisins, honey, berries

Plot: BV 146

Screen Size: 14/15

Boxes: 4

Weight: 213 lbs

Farm details

Farm: Daterra Coffee
District: Cerrado, Brazi
Village: Patrocínio, Minas Gerais
Processing Method: Honey Anaerobic Fermentation


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