2016 Masterpieces by Daterra

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For bidders that opt to receive samples:

  • Daterra will send samples from Brazil directly those, using international courier service.
  • Please make sure to fill up the registration form with your full address, to guarantee samples will be delivered without problems.
  • The sample pack consists of 8 packs of 300g, each pack corresponds to one of the different auctioned coffees mentioned in the site.

In order to bid on this auction you have to be approved beforehand.

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    For questions or problems contact: +55 19 3728 8304 or by Email: daterracoffee@daterracoffee.com.br

    Auction overview

    Ends: 22 Nov 2016 17:32:53 GMT

    The coffee being offered for sale through this Internet Auction consists of individual distinct lots of green coffee which were selected by Daterra Coffee and/or its agents. NOTE: It is the responsibility of a bidder to evaluate samples of coffees to be auctioned regarding quality and appropriateness of use for specific
    purposes and customers needs.

    Bidders have been provided prior opportunity to obtain samples of the coffees being sold through this Auction. If a Bidder does not receive a pre-auction sample of the coffee for which the Bidder is the highest offer to purchase during the Auction it will be deemed a waiver of the successful bidder's legal right to object to conformity to pre-auction sample in any subsequent dispute regarding the purchased lot. It is strongly advised that interested bidders request and confirm receipt of coffee samples for this Auction. If a Bidder is the winner of any lot(s) in the Auction, the cost of one set of samples purchased will rebated.

    Lots in this auction

    Boxes Pounds Bid Total value Title High bidder Time left
    5266.25lbs$7.53/lb$2,004.86Francisca # Lot DT01-01/4(Coffee and Tea by Lee)FINISHED
    4213lbs$7.53/lb$1,603.89Francisca # Lot DT01-02/4(DRWAKEFIELD)FINISHED
    3159.75lbs$7.51/lb$1,199.72Francisca # Lot DT01-03/4(cosmetocafe)FINISHED
    2106.5lbs$8.89/lb$946.79Francisca # Lot DT01-4/4(KANEMATSU)FINISHED
    2106.5lbs$58.00/lb$6,177.00Maria # Lot DT02-01/2COFFEE TOWNFINISHED
    2106.5lbs$55.50/lb$5,910.75Maria # Lot DT02-02/2(Mare Terra 2003 S.L)FINISHED
    2106.5lbs$11.50/lb$1,224.75Ana # Lot DT03-01/2(DRWAKEFIELD)FINISHED
    2106.5lbs$11.50/lb$1,224.75Ana # Lot DT03-02/2(DRWAKEFIELD)FINISHED
    5266.25lbs$6.00/lb$1,597.50Opus One # Lot DT04-01/6FINISHED
    5266.25lbs$6.00/lb$1,597.50Opus One # Lot DT04-02/6FINISHED
    4213lbs$6.10/lb$1,299.30Opus One # Lot DT04-03/6(Spinos Coffee Micro Roastery) FINISHED
    4213lbs$6.00/lb$1,278.00Opus One # Lot DT04-04/6(Pebble Coffee Co., Ltd.) FINISHED
    3159.75lbs$6.23/lb$995.24Opus One # Lot DT04-05/6(cosmetocafe)FINISHED
    3159.75lbs$6.21/lb$992.05Opus One # Lot DT04-06/6(NOSSA CASA CAFÉ)FINISHED
    3159.75lbs$6.06/lb$968.09Antonio # Lot DT05-01/4(Theta Ridge Coffee)FINISHED
    3159.75lbs$6.06/lb$968.09Antonio # Lot DT05-02/4(Theta Ridge Coffee)FINISHED
    3159.75lbs$6.06/lb$968.09Antonio # Lot DT05-03/4 (Theta Ridge Coffee)FINISHED
    2106.5lbs$6.27/lb$667.76Antonio # Lot DT05-04/4 (Theta Ridge Coffee)FINISHED
    5266.25lbs$6.95/lb$1,850.44Joao # Lot DT06-01/4(KANEMATSU)FINISHED
    4213lbs$6.96/lb$1,482.48Joao # Lot DT06-02/4 (DRWAKEFIELD)FINISHED
    3159.75lbs$6.96/lb$1,111.86Joao # Lot DT06-03/4(cosmetocafe)FINISHED
    2106.5lbs$7.28/lb$775.32Joao # Lot DT06-04/4(Mare Terra 2003 S.L)FINISHED
    5266.25lbs$6.00/lb$1,597.50Jose # Lot DT07-01/4(Coffee and Tea by Lee)FINISHED
    4213lbs$6.10/lb$1,299.30Jose # Lot DT07-02/4(Spinos Coffee Micro Roastery)FINISHED
    3159.75lbs$6.00/lb$958.50Jose # Lot DT07-03/4(DRWAKEFIELD)FINISHED
    3159.75lbs$6.00/lb$958.50Jose # Lot DT07-04/4FINISHED
    3159.75lbs$6.23/lb$995.24Ferrero Ibairi # Lot DT08-01/2(KANEMATSU)FINISHED
    2106.5lbs$6.21/lb$661.37Ferrero Ibairi # Lot DT08-02/2(cosmetocafe)FINISHED
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