Lot DT 13 - 01/02: Peri (LOT 01)

PERI is Jose de Alencar’s attempt at creating a Brazilian superhero – the valiant and strong Brazilian native saving the damsel in distress. In The Guarani (O Guarani), Peri is the main character who, despite all of his strengths, can’t get what he wants the most: Ceci’s love. He leaves his Goitacá tribe to live with her family in order to guard her against a tribe that declared war against Ceci’s father. Peri and Ceci end up together, though: after the war destroyed the family’s properties, heavy rain floods the whole area and Peri saves them both. We pay homage to the honorable Peri with this coffee full of character: on the nose, it smells like flowers, grapes, caramel, and tropical fruits. You’ll find tastes of orange juice, grapes, mango and sparkling wine with coffee blossom aromatics and honey sweetness – the acidity is intense and phosphoric.

Catigua is a cross between a yellow Catuai and a Timor Hybrid. It can be surprising to many, but plants with Timor genetics can taste brilliant - that’s why genetic research is so important. These short trees with red cherries are very promising for the specialty coffee production – the coffee tastes great and resists to the leaf rust.

The handpicked Catigua cherries fermented inside a tank equipped with an airlock valve: this system allows oxygen to get out of the tank but stops anything from getting inside. As the cherries ferment, they release CO2 and, because carbon dioxide is denser than oxygen, it pushes the lighter gas out through the valve. After a few hours, the tank environment becomes completely anaerobic and allows certain microorganisms the perfect conditions for fermentation and enzymatic reactions to happen inside of the beans.

Varietal: Daterra’s Catigua
Process: Natural Anaerobic Fermentation
Screen size: 16/18
Harvesting: Handpicking
Drying: Raised Beds
Plot: BV 40

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Coffee and cupping details


Nose: Grape candy, floral, caramel, tropical fruits
Flavor: Orange juice, grapes, coffee blossom, mango, sparkling wine, honey sweetness, phosphoric acidity.

: 2
Weight: 106.7 lbs
Harvest Date: 2019

Farm details

Farm Name: Daterra
District: Patrocínio, MG - Brazil
Farm Elevation: 1100m - 1200m
Drying Method: Patio
Mill: Handpicking

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