Lot 3: TUY-02 Tuya'i – The Old Man

One of the most important constellations for the Guarani nation, The Old Man, means that summer is approaching, even though his story is far from light and breezy. The tale's about an old man who married a woman much younger than him. After a couple of years, the wife became interested in her husband's younger brother and, to marry him, she killed the old man by cutting off his leg at the knee. The gods felt sorry for the old man and turned him into a constellation in the sky.

Coffee and cupping details


Aroma: Spices, ripe dark berries, floral

Flavors: Cinnamon, banana candy, ripe plum, raisin, red wine, cocoa nibs.

Plot: TB 19

Screen Size: 16/18

Boxes: 1

Weight: 53.25 lbs
Varietal: IPR 100

Farm details

Farm: Daterra Coffee
District: Cerrado, Brazil
Village: Patrocínio, Minas Gerais
Processing Method: Natural Aerobic Fermentation

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