Lot 5d: KUR-05 Kuruxu – The Cross

Also known as The Southern Cross, this is one the most easily visible constellation in the southern hemisphere. Besides using the Kuruxu as a guide to see the cardinal points, the Guaranis also determine the seasons of the year by watching the position of the cross: at fall, the cross points to the east; in winter, it stands vertical pointing to the South; in spring the Kuruxu points to the West, and during summer it's upside down. It's important to mention that the cross is not a reference to Christian symbols. The native Brazilians only came in contact with European cultures hundreds of years later.

Coffee and cupping details


Aroma: ripe tropical fruits, citric fruits, floral

Flavors: Champagne, mango, berries, sugar cane, acai berry. Malic and phosphoric acidity.

Plot: TB 13

Screen Size: 16/18

Boxes: 3

Weight: 159.75 lbs
Varietal: CATURRA

Farm details

Farm: Daterra Coffee
District: Cerrado, Brazil
Village: Patrocínio, Minas Gerais
Processing Method: Natural Aerobic Fermentation

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