Lot 9c: YAI-04 Yaí – The Jaguar

This constellation, observed by the Tukano ethnic group, is segmented in several smaller constellations – the Jaguar is formed by the whiskers, head, body, and tail, plus a "star that guides the jaguar." This division is also present in Tukano's social organization system – groups of the higher hierarchy are called the "heads" of the community. Lower levels are called the "tails," being the "body" level in between.

Lot Description

Reference Number:9c
Opening Bid:$16.00/lb
Weight:106.5 lbs
Process:Natural Anaerobic Fermentation

Coffee details


Aroma: stone fruits, orange, lavender

Flavors: Lemongrass, lemon, sugar cane, caipirinha, umami. Citric Acidity.

Plot: BV 31

Screen Size: 16/18

Boxes: 2


If you are wondering what varietal was used to make Yaí, get ready.

Daterra has been researching different coffee genetics for many years. We have over 150 coffee genetic materials that are being tested in our experimental genetics bank.
We develop those research projects in partnership with various scientific institutions and universities in Brazil, aiming to find and develop varietals that are more resilient to climate change, pests, diseases, and of course, that display amazing taste profiles.

The Agronomic Institute of Campinas (IAC) is one of the main research partners in Daterra. In collaboration with Ethiopian authorities, the IAC researchers have selected various heirloom genetics from forests in Ethiopia and have been studying them.
Some of those materials were brought to be tested and evaluated in Daterra – our Yaí is the first production of those trees. It is composed of eight heirloom varietals, brought by IAC from the regions of Kaffa, Harar, and Shewa in Ethiopia – but produced in our farms in Cerrado.

We decided to name our first “collage” of Daterra produced Ethiopian varietals, Datopia.

Farm details

Farm Name: Daterra Coffee
Region: Cerrado, Brazil
Town: Patrocínio, Minas Gerais

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